– Earn 200 Points – Foodland Customer Survey – The FoodLand Customer Satisfaction Survey may be found at TellFoodLand.Com. Gathering diverse customer perspectives is the goal of the Tellfood Land research. By providing an honest review at, you can assist the FoodLand business in enhancing their service for your future visits. - Earn 200 Points - Foodland Customer Survey

One consumer satisfaction tool that the Foodland company uses is called Tell Foodland. Using the informed Foodland survey, customers may share their thoughts on the store’s offerings. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can contact Foodland directly using the “tell Foodland”Feedback form. Anyone who has shopped there recently can take advantage of this survey to share their thoughts. Take a moment to fill out the Foodland customer satisfaction survey and tell them what you think.

Rewards & Coupons

Exciting rewards are up for grabs in the Survey. By participating in the business’s customer survey, you have a chance to win one of these prizes. Within 48 to 72 hours of completing the Foodland survey, all users will have 200 Maika’i points added to their accounts. In exchange for your honest opinions, Foodland will reward you with 200 Maika’i points for every survey you fill out every eight days. - Earn 200 Points - Foodland Customer Survey

Rules and Regulations

Take a look at the requirements to participate in the Foodland survey:-

  • To enter the survey and be eligible for the prize, you must be at least 18 years old.
  • The survey invitation code for Tell Foodland may be found on your most recent receipt. Simply scan it to access the survey.
  • Precise data entry requires a current, valid Foodland receipt.
  • Permanent, lawful residents of Canada are required for all consumers.
  • Reading and writing proficiency as well as an excellent command of the English language are prerequisites.

How to participate in Foodland Customer Survey?

Below you can find the complete instructions for participating in the informed Foodland survey.

#1. Customers need to go to the or Jump right into the survey by clicking the button up there.

#2. The second thing to do is to look at the page that comes next.

#3. The data from your receipt has to be inputted next. Do not forget to include the time, date, store, and check numbers. - Earn 200 Points - Foodland Customer Survey

#4. After you have double-checked all of the information, please begin the survey.

#5. Clicking the “Start” button; will start the survey.

#6. Find the page with the multiple-choice tests. Based on your knowledge of retail practices, make an educated selection.

#7. Consider its performance and services.

#8. Click the “Submit” button to end the survey.

Wait for the rewards to be sent into your account after the survey is finished.


Sobeys owns Foodland, which sells Compliments, a private label product. Complementary products include things like ingredients for baking, breakfast meals, dairy products, meats, fruits, fish, snacks, and personal care items. Organic, Sensations by Compliments (for competitively cost, high-quality party and indulgence supplies), Balance (for more nutritional food options), and Green Care are some of the subsets offered by Compliments.

There are also ready-to-eat meals under the Gourmet Minute brand and cheap, no-frills essentials like food and cleaning products under the Signal brand. Foodland is a grocery store chain in Canada that serves the provinces of New Brunswick, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland & Labrador.

Foodland offers a “no frills” shopping experience, meaning they give a broad choice of common commodities that have been stripped of non-essentials, in order to keep prices low. Everything you need to know about your local Foodland, such as its address, hours of operation, services, and payment methods, is available on the website.

Users of the Get Cooking website can narrow their recipe searches by a number of parameters, including category, dinner party, dish type, and holiday. You can find a new pick calendar on the Fresh Food & More page, where you can also see what vegetables are coming. There’s also a Contests section where you can register to win prizes. - Earn 200 Points - Foodland Customer Survey


In order to have your voice heard about how TellFoodland serves its customers in the future, please take a few moments out of your day to fill out their customer satisfaction survey ( Foodland values your feedback and takes it seriously in order to enhance our offerings. Help out a worthy cause by visiting the Tellfoodland survey and filling out the necessary fields. The amount stated on each customer’s receipt will determine how many Maika’i points they will receive: 200. FAQs

  • Give me the lowdown on Maika’i Points, please.

By taking part in the FoodLand Customer Satisfaction Survey at, you may earn Maika’i Points that can be used to win rewards.

  • Could you kindly inform me of the number of Maika’i points that will be awarded to me upon completion of the survey?

Upon completion of the survey, 200 Maika’i reward points will be added to your account instantly.

  • When I do the Tell Food Land survey, will I immediately get 200 Maika’i Points?

The maximum number of Maika’i points you can have right now is 200. That is why you will have to wait eight days before you will receive the additional 200 Maika’i Points.

  • I was wondering whether I could postpone doing the online survey for another 10 days after receiving it.

There is a fourteen-day restriction on how many times you may enter the Tell Foodland survey.

  • When will the 200 Maika’i Points be available to you?

Within two business days of completing the survey, your Foodland points will be sent into your account.

  • My membership with Maika’i has expired; how can I re-enroll?

To get additional details, go to Gather all of your Maika’i member numbers and their phone numbers prior to anything else. The item’s receipt or key tag will have your Maika’i club number.

  • May I kindly inquire as to the process for redeeming 200 HawaiianMiles towards re-enrollment?

Your re-enrollment and the 200 Hawaiian Miles you choose as a thank-you gift will be confirmed via an email. Two hundred miles will be credited to your HawaiianMiles account. It ought to be sufficient, taking about six to eight weeks.

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