– Win $1000 – Zaxby’s Listens Survey – To learn more about their customers’ tastes and opinions, Zaxby’s uses a poll called Zaxby’s Listens. To share your thoughts on your most recent visit, menu items, service, and general satisfaction with Zaxby’s, take part in the online survey Zaxby’s Listens. This data will help Zaxby’s cater to its consumers’ preferences in terms of service, ambiance, and cuisine. - Win $1000 - Zaxby's Listens Survey – Zaxby’s Listens Survey

Customers’ opinions on Zaxby’s cuisine, service, and atmosphere are gathered through surveys. The survey includes questions on the client’s experience in general as well as certain menu items, the correctness and timeliness of their orders, the cleanliness of the restaurant, the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, and anything else that may be relevant.

The survey findings are usually used by Zaxby to improve their services and operations. Take Zaxby’s as an example. If many customers are unhappy with the service speed, the fast-food chain may need to hire more people or rethink its procedures. Zaxby relies on customer surveys to learn about its customers’ wants and requirements so it may meet their expectations and keep them happy and loyal.

Rewards & Coupons

If you take the time to fill out the customer survey, Zaxby will give you a validation coupon good for a free lunch in the future. Send in your honest feedback on how the firm can improve Zaxby’s customer service, and you can get a free Big Zax Snak.

The availability and pricing of the prize are subject to change by Zaxby at any time and without notice. See your Zaxby receipt or the official rules posted on the survey website for further details on the current reward and any restrictions that may be in place. - Win $1000 - Zaxby's Listens Survey

Rules and regulations

Before your application may be considered, you must provide proof of permanent residency in one of the following countries:

  • The United States, the District of Columbia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Honduras, Korea, Ireland, or Denmark.
  • You must be 18 or older to enter this establishment.
  • You won’t have to spend a dollar to enter the contest.
  • Please have your receipt on hand so that the survey goes off without a hitch.
  • When the winner is declared, you will receive an email notification.
  • Transfers of rewards are not accepted.
  • A Zaxby’s receipt is required to finish the survey.
  • It is necessary to be fluent in either English or Spanish.
  • Increasing your odds of winning by purchasing an item is not always the case.
  • It is mandatory to pay taxes regardless of the situation.
  • Honesty and integrity should always come first.
  • All participants must strictly follow the Sweepstakes Rules.
  • No one in your close personal or family circle, including friends and family, may vote for you.

How to take part in Zaxby’s Listens Survey?

#1. Visit or immediately to participate in Zaxby’s Customer Survey.

#2. Kindly go over the Zaxby’s Survey rules and the award notification, among other pertinent requirements.

#3. The survey code requires the completion of the following fields: date, time, and total spent. - Win $1000 - Zaxby's Listens Survey

#4. Press the “NEXT” button to start the survey.

#5. The Zaxby’s consumer survey has begun.

#6. To start filling out the form with information on your most recent interaction, just follow the on-screen prompts.

#7. Rate this restaurant’s cuisine and service using your most sincere assessment.

#8. If you were satisfied with the service’s efficiency and friendliness, please let others know.

#9. To guarantee a properly completed survey, please do not leave any questions blank.

#10. You are obligated to fill out the survey entirely and honestly.

#11. Your complete name, postal address, email, and phone number must be entered on the form.

#12. Posting a remark is one way to join the monthly drawing.

#13. In the near future, you will get an email verifying your entry into the contest.

#14. You should be on the lookout since the contest organizer is going to announce the winners very soon.


In 1990, the first Zaxby restaurant opened in Georgia, which is also where the company’s headquarters are located today. The majority of the 800 sites of this franchised casual dining chain are located in the American South. The proprietors of the chicken-centric Zaxbys, Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley, have said that the lack of decent chicken options motivated them to create the restaurant.

Nearly every restaurant on the network offers a variety of salads, sides, desserts, and more. And Zaxby also does catering. Zaxby is proud to be known as the “official chicken of sports fans.” College football and basketball are only two of the many activities that the corporation is delighted to support. - Win $1000 - Zaxby's Listens Survey


Finally, anybody of any age may appreciate Zaxby’s unique and reflective story while they ponder the great concerns of life. In Zax, S. stresses the significance of listening to and thinking about other people’s perspectives, and this leads to more insightful conversations and more empathy in everyday encounters.

Usually, Zaxby takes a look at the survey results and applies them to make their services and business better. To provide Zaxby’s with feedback after your meal, fill out their Guest Experience form. You may be eligible to win prizes just for taking the time to fill out this short survey. This is an ideal method of expressing appreciation for a really memorable meal at Zaxby’s. FAQs

  • How exactly does Zaxby’s Listens use customer feedback?

Management has integrated the My Zaxby’s Guest Satisfaction Survey at into the company’s systems to track and improve customer service at all Zaxby restaurants.

  • Do I need to dine at Zaxby’s in order to join the contest?

Yes, it is necessary to pay in order to participate in the poll. A code that may be found on your receipt is necessary to access the survey. The feedback survey does not offer any other ways to participate.

  • Do you think that Zaxby’s customers are happy because of what?

One lucky winner will be chosen at random from among all survey takers, but every participant has a shot at winning $1500. Not to mention that Zaxby’s is giving away $1,000 daily.

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